What’s Been Happening in the Hub – Term 1, Week 10

Posted on March 27, 2024

Lego Club

We have some very excited Lego lovers at the moment.  This week a very generous student donated his entire Lego collection to the Innovation Precinct!!  We now have several Lego kits with instructions for students to build at our lunchtime Lego drop-in sessions. Watch this space.  We will soon have Lego Kits available to take home and borrow!


Sewing & Textiles Club

Students are enjoying the challenge of making their own hand-puppets.  Two Year Four students are up to their last finishing touches. Well done Zahra (4R) & Kiara (4G)

This week we also drew the names for our four Sewing machines. The 4 winners are:


Sewing Machine #1 – “Aliona”  – named by Lily Yr 7

Sewing Machine #2 – “Bob” – named by Grace Yr 6B

Sewing Machine #3 – “Paul” Saana Yr 7

Sewing Machine #4 – “Debbie”Chelsea  Yr 9



This term we have focused on making products out of recycled materials.  The challenge was to make something to hang in the Innovation Precinct’s Create space.  Some students chose to make a drink bottle snake.  While Harper (6B) worked on her own unique design a Blue Jellyfish. With the last two week of school we have been celebrating Easter by making Paper Mache Easter eggs.


Innovators & Inventors (Monday)

Danika (6G) has prototyped corporate gifts for her parent’s business. She created bibs for employees who have recently had a baby. While Isabella (6G) & Kaitlin (6R) have been creating merchandise for the next Grand Bazaar.

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