Student Protection

Student Protection

Creating a safe school environment

Protection for children and young people is of paramount importance and Anglican Schools are required to follow the Diocesan policy.

Anglican Schools have a responsibility placed upon them by Gospel values. They are bound by Christian, legal and professional obligations to provide spiritual and educational opportunities within a safe and protective environment and, when matters of concern arise, having in place a procedure for reporting inappropriate behaviour, harm or sexual abuse.

Therefore, St Paul’s School and the Anglican Diocese have established formal policies and procedures which are available via Parent Lounge.

All complaints of child sexual abuse and sexual misconduct are taken very seriously. If you are a current student, or the parent of a current student, and you wish to make a complaint or seek assistance, you can contact one of our School’s Student Protection Officers or the Headmaster, Dr Paul Browning. If you are a past student and wish to make a complaint or seek assistance/information, please phone the Director of Professional Standards of the Anglican Church Southern Queensland, Greg Milles on 1800 242 544. Further information for past students is also available at the Anglican Church Southern Queensland.

For further information about child protection procedures and policies, please refer to the documents listed below.

The School has adopted the “Student Protection in Anglican Schools Policy and Procedures” and has signed the following “Student Protection Officers details template” accordingly. The School’s appointed Student Protection Officers are the School’s two School Counsellors (Mrs Karen Semple & Ms Amanda Pashen), the Director of Junior School (Mrs Marianne Connolly) and the Head of Sport Development (Mr Tim Hughes). Mrs Semple, Ms Pashen and Mr Hughes are located in the School’s Wellbeing Centre; and Mrs Connolly is located in the Junior School.

The Anglican Church of Australia – Diocese of Brisbane has prepared the following three documents, and they are adhered to by St Paul’s School:


The School website has a special page devoted to online issues including cybersafety and Digital Citizenship. This page is updated frequently with new information and resources. It also has “tried and true” websites regarding online safety and issues that can be used by parents, teachers or students.

Make sure to check this page for tips, hints, courses, information about school projects and much more. Find it here.

Behavioural Management Policy

A good school provides an ordered and civilised environment for all the people who are part of its community.  Fundamental to this is an attitude of respect for oneself and for others.  This attitude will manifest itself in courteous, tolerant and respectful behaviour and in the care of the physical environment.  For these aims to be met a positive School environment is required.

Definition of a Positive School Environment

The positive school environment is one where:

  • all members of the school community feel safe and valued;
  • social and academic learning outcomes are maximised for all through quality practices in the areas of curriculum, interpersonal relationships and School organisation;
  • School practices which involve a planned continuum from the positive or preventative actions to the responsive actions for specific individuals and groups;
  • non-violent, non-coercive and non-discriminatory language and practices are defined, modelled and reinforced by all members of the School community; and
  • suspension and exclusion procedures are considered only when all other approaches have been exhausted or rejected.

The philosophy of a positive School environment should be embedded within our School culture.  It should also be reflected in a code of behaviour based on a set of principles that are understood, accepted and practised by all members of the School community.

For more information please view our Behaviour Management & Procedures Policy.

Employee and Volunteer Code of Conduct

The welfare and safety of students is our first priority. No interruption should distract us from that priority. We have become aware over recent years of the very great responsibilities that are regularly entrusted to schools as they care for the students who participate in the programs that have been set up to cater for them.

For many years parents/guardians have sent their children to school, confident that they will be cared for, nurtured and encouraged as they grow, and, at the same time, protected from harm, be it physical, mental or emotional.

We all have rights and responsibilities.

For more information please view our Code of Conduct for Anglican Schools and Education and Care Services (Staff and Volunteers).

Coaches, Tutors, Volunteers and Visitors

Coaches, Tutors, Volunteers and some Visitors are required to register (by completing this form) before commencing their services at St Paul’s School via the Volunteer Details form and submitted to the Risk and Compliance Officer.

An induction is required for coaches, tutors, volunteers and some visitors to Anglican Schools:

This provides key information to volunteers and visitors to the school relating to their student protection requirement, being:

  • Responsibility;
  • Recognising; and
  • Reporting

The guide provides a self-assessment of understanding relating to the role of volunteer or visitor.

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