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Vanuatu Outreach

Each year, 20 St Paul’s students visit the Lorevilko Village in Vanuatu to help out at local schools, assist with development work in the area, and encourage the locals.  The trip is life-changing for all who go and makes a tangible difference in the lives of those they visit.

Vanuatu Outreach Student Reflections

The most fascinating experience of my trip came halfway through.  I was starting to really feel the effect of the busy nights and early mornings. About halfway through one day I was feeling so exhausted, but a little girl came up to me with a coconut. Sadly I don’t really like coconuts, but since she fetched it from the tree for me I thought I should drink it. So I didn’t have to endure the unique taste for too long I drank it down in one go and to avoid the vacuum effect I used a straw. For those who don’t know coconut milk is an acquired taste but after the drink I was refreshed and brought back to life. So I now know that whenever you are feeling tired and in need of a kick, one can get it from a natural source. All you need to do is climb a tree and get yourself a coconut.

Rory Stansfield, Year 11

Although the trip was extremely tiring it was so rewarding.  Even though we were all very tired by the end, each day when we arrived at the school it was incredible how excited all the children were to see us again.  It helped put things in perspective and gave us all extra energy each day.

Caitlin Blinco, Year 12

The first day of the trip was the most eye-opening.  I was feeling tired and unenthusiastic but that soon changed once I arrived at Lorevilko. We stepped through the gate to the village and were greeted the whole community singing and dancing. Their energy and excitement brushed off onto all our tired moods. After a couple of speeches, songs and refreshments I was keen to get out and meet the children. A couple of the women and children grabbed my hands and a group of us were dancing around the string band. The day was followed by some lessons in grass and palm weaving and traditional island games with the children. It was an incredible day and by far one of my favourites of the trip.

Emily Davidoff, Year 10

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