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Pathways – Entrepreneurial

Most schools offer two educational pathways: tertiary or vocational.:

However, with studies suggesting that up to 50% of today’s jobs are likely to disappear in the next 20 years, students will increasingly need to have the capacity to create their own employment. This has prompted St Paul’s to offer a third pathway: an entrepreneurial pathway.

At St Paul’s, students from Pre-Prep to Year 12 have the opportunity to work alongside corporate experts and startup mentors to identify a problem and create a business solution. Some students even have the opportunity to take their business to market and generate revenue, meaning some students will be CEOs before they even finish school.


St Paul’s has pioneered an what is possibly an Australian first. Each December over 400 students across Years 5-9 formed 80 teams to work on real world business problems from 14 different organisations. Each team started, pivoted, reimagined, re-started, pivoted again and, ultimately, came up with an idea to help one of the companies turn their problem into an opportunity. The two day event stretched students’ thinking and provoked them to think differently, handle ambiguity, think of better questions and, above all, think like an entrepreneur.

Design led venture (DLV)

DLVs are unique to St Paul’s School. Each year, a team of ten Year 6-12 students work closely with a business or a community group to understand and develop solutions to their problems. Over ten weeks the students use Design Thinking to create, deliver, and pitch a solution to a business which will then take it to market to enhance their offering.

CIE – Centre for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Our on-site startup precinct fosters the growth of students and adults (including parents) seeking to solve big problems. The CIE encourages a mindset that ‘dares to begin’ by providing resources to empower and support students to think like entrepreneurs.

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