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Pathways – Tertiary

St Paul’s students consistently achieve academic excellence.  Over 85% of students achieve their first or second preference for university entrance.

At St Paul’s, every student has the opportunity to pursue an ATAR and are supported through flexible learning arrangements, whether they are Year 8 students learning at a Year 10 level, or those striving to achieve their personal best.

Success story: Claire Morris, class of 2008

Claire graduated from St Paul’s in 2008 and has since completed undergraduate degrees in Economics and Law. She has worked at a large commercial law firm as a privacy and technology lawyer and is currently studying her Master of Laws at the London School of Economics and Political Science. While at St Paul’s, Claire received academic gold awards in biology and economics. She was also a member of the School’s Big Band and an excellent tennis player.

Success story: Paul Compton, class of 1981

Paul graduated from St Paul’s in 1981 and is now working in New York City as Global Head of Banking and Co-President of Barclays Bank. Paul follows the success of St Paul’s and its students closely and is a strong supporter of the School’s Centre for Innovators and Entrepreneurs. While at St Paul’s, Paul was a strong academic achiever and a member of the First XV Rugby team.

Where our students land

The career pathways St Paul’s students pursue are varied. From starting their own robotics companies, to working as fund managers in New York City, the tertiary possibilities for St Paul’s students are extensive.

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