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St Paul’s students consistently achieve academic excellence.

Unlike many other Schools, St Paul’s does not discriminate against students wishing to pursue a tertiary pathway.  Each year, over 85% of our Year 12 cohort achieve their first or second preference for university entrance – an incredibly high result.

Our links to both the corporate world as well as universities open pathways for students to extend themselves while still at School, including a number of our students being selected as ‘future leaders’ as part of QUT’s secondary school program.


Whatever your child’s goals and ambitions, St Paul’s is ideally suited to help your child achieve their very best.

St Paul’s students interested in a vocational pathway are provided with practical skills accompanied by exceptional thinking.

Students are able to obtain qualifications and begin TAFE courses and apprenticeships before finishing school, setting them well on course for a Diploma, the workforce, or opening an alternative pathway to university.

Additionally, our innovative entrepreneurial program partners vocational skills with business acumen, opening a pathway for vocational students to potentially start their own business, either after or while still at School.

Overall, St Paul’s students have access to any vocational course offered anywhere in Australia.  Whether it’s a computer course online via a Melbourne provider or an electro-technology course at Bracken Ridge TAFE, St Paul’s students have the world’s opportunities at their fingertips.

Some broader options available for students include: obtaining a formal qualification while still at school, gaining credits towards their QCE, the potential to secure entry into a Diploma course, gaining access to and learning from expert industry professionals

Book an interview with our Headmaster and VET course coordinator to learn more about the vocational opportunities available for St Paul’s students.

Preparing your children for their future

Most schools offer two education outcomes: entrance to university or into a trade.  However, with 50% of today’s jobs likely to disappear in the next 20 years, students will increasingly need to have the capacity to create their own employment.

This has prompted St Paul’s to offer a third pathway:

An Entrepreneurial Pathway

At St Paul’s students from Pre Prep to Year 12 work alongside corporate experts and start up mentors to identify a problem and create a business solution.

Some students even have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of venture capitalists, meaning some students will be CEOs before they finish high school.

Is your child the next Australian entrepreneurial success story?

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