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Although schooling may finish in Year 12, students’ connections with St Paul’s School continue well into their adult years. The St Paul’s alumni community works to organise reunions for past cohorts, celebrate past student success stories, and maintain connections with current School developments.

Past Students Events


All reunions are held on the St Paul’s School ‘Pink Day’ (or “Back to St Paul’s Day” as it was previously known). This is a significant day on the School calendar and seeks to celebrate not only current students but those who have come before. Pink Day is held each year on the first home game of Term 2, and has quite a carnival atmosphere, with all Firsts teams (netball and hockey for girls; rugby and tennis for boys) playing in special pink jerseys etc. The fund-raising focus for the day is Breast Cancer Research.

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The School is always seeking ways to engage better and more deeply with its past students.  If you are interested in contributing to St Paul’s, perhaps financially, in a partnership or a services capacity we would love to hear from you.


All past students of St Pauls School become and remain lifetime members of the Past Students Supporter Group.

Has your address changed? Please update your details by following the link below so we can update our database and keep you in touch with the School.

Past students can become financial members of the Past Students Supporter Group by registering and paying the membership fee via the link below. This membership includes early-bird notifications, discounted tickets and more.

Please contact Alice Kullrich on [email protected] for enquiries regarding PSSG Membership.

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