About St Pauls


St Paul’s School Council

St Paul’s School was established in 1963 and is managed by School Council whose powers and responsibilities are determined by a constitution approved by the Anglican Schools Commission. Members of the School Council are:
  • Chairman, Mr Rob Law
  • Deputy Chair, Reverend Lynda Johnson
  • Rev Dr Ralph Bowles
  • Mr Denis Brosnan
  • Mr Grant O’Hara
  • Mr Allan Hird

Diocesan Governance

St Paul’s School is a Diocesan owned School which is established under what is known as the School’s Regulation Canon. As such, the governing body is Diocesan Council. It is from this relationship that the School takes its corporate status.

The members of Diocesan Council are:

  • The Most Reverend Dr P J Aspinall
  • The Right Reverend Dr J C Holland
  • The Right Reverend G M Smith
  • The Right Reverend A Taylor
  • The Right Reverend C Venables
  • The Venerable G F Harch
  • The Reverend Dr R Bowles
  • The Reverend A Lowe
  • The Reverend J Worrall
  • The Reverend G Moses
  • Dr Ruth S Kerr OAM
  • The Honourable Justice D Mullins
  • Mrs J Dyke
  • Dr G Dashwood;
  • Dr D O’Connor;

Diocesan Council delegates certain governance functions to the School Council via the School’s Constitution.

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