About St Paul’s


As St Paul’s School is a Diocesan owned School, the governing body of the School is Diocesan Council.  The members of Diocesan Council are:

  • The Most Reverend Dr Phillip Aspinall (Chair)
  • The Right Reverend Jeremy Greaves
  • The Right Reverend John Roundhill
  • The Right Reverend Cameron Venables
  • The Reverend Canon Nicole Colledge
  • The Venerable Geoffrey Hoyte
  • The Reverend Dr Rodney Wolff
  • The Reverend Dr Ceridwen Wynne
  • Ms Jennifer Basham
  • Ms Amy Norman
  • Mr Dan O’Connor
  • Judge Kevin Lapthorn
  • The Hon Justice Debra Mullins (Chancellor)
  • Mr David Sneesby
  • The Reverend Adam Lowe
  • The Hon Justice David Thomas (Deputy Chancellor)

In circumstances where the Directors of the Governing Body must be provided with a report about sexual abuse or likely sexual abuse the Diocesan Council has, pursuant to Section 366B of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2017 delegated that role to Ms Sherril Butterworth, Executive Director, Anglican Schools Commission

Diocesan Council delegates certain governance functions to the St Paul’s School Council via the School’s Charter.

The members of the School Council are:
  • Chair, Reverend David Ruthven
  • Deputy Chair, Mr Denis Brosnan
  • Rev Canon Ralph Bowles
  • Mr Craig Fenton
  • Professor Emeritus Bradley Haseman
  • Mr Allan Hird
  • Ms Claire Morris
  • Mr Grant O’Hara
  • Mr Michael Sing

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