School Life


Everything from chess, to dance, to debating is available for St Paul’s students to participate in.  Whatever your child’s strengths and interests, St Paul’s has a way to maximise their potential.


Sport is a huge part of the St Paul’s culture, with students encouraged to participate across a wide range of sports, making use of the School’s first class facilities.  Sports on offer include.


Our widely recognised music program gives students from Prep right through to Year 12 the opportunity to participate in private tuition in a diverse range of instruments. These students are encouraged to be develop their performance skills by joining one or more of over twenty different bands, choirs or ensembles.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor educational experiences at St Paul’s are a means of enriching the participant’s understanding of themselves, their peers and their role as environmental stewards and advocates for a socially just world.

Vanuatu Outreach

Each year, 20 St Paul’s students visit the Lorevilko Village in Vanuatu to help out at local schools, assist with development work in the area, and encourage the locals.  The trip is life-changing for all who go and makes a tangible difference in the lives of those they visit.

World School

Each year, more than 80 schools across 21 global regions gather together to discuss world issues and how the youth of today can help make the world a better place.  St Paul’s is the only Australian school to participate giving our students a unique chance to participate on a global stage.


Students attend chapel services weekly and are encouraged through the School’s Anglican approach to the Christian gospel.

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