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Covid-19 wellbeing

Monday 9 August

By Michael Grose (Parenting Ideas)

While there are concerns about the negative impact of physical isolation is having on children’s learning, we should also be concerned about their mental health. Teachers and health professionals report that the strain of physical isolation is starting to show for many children and young people. Any anxiety and fear they experience is heightened by isolation from friends, lack of access to their usual sports and leisure activities and a lack of certainty about the future.

In these challenging times kids’ mental health needs to be a high priority. The following plan laid out by the experts at Parenting Ideas will show you how to lay a solid foundation for good mental health, and outline key behaviours that will help build the resilience and psychological strength that kids need in these difficult times.

Tuesday 3 August

Given some of the news coverage, it would be hard not to worry about what it all means for yourself, and for those you love.

We have sourced some materials to help you manage worry and anxiety in these uncertain times. Some tips include setting a routine, practicing gratitude daily and relying on reputable news sources instead of social media for advice.

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