Educating our Young People

Posted on September 13, 2017

You may have heard me make comments about our education system, along with ideas of how to combat the perception that our nation’s schools are not performing as they should to educate our young people.

Essentially my comments have been around trust; trusting our professional educators to do what they do best. It would seem that the more government tries to politicise education, the greater they try to standardise it and hold people accountable, the worse things get.

The key influence on a child’s education, the thing that schools can control, is the quality of teaching and teachers. We have superb teachers at St Paul’s School who work tirelessly for our children. I am incredibly grateful to them for the immense amount of work they put in and the extraordinary efforts they go to supporting the holistic development of every student.

As our students prepare to go on holidays, some might look enviously at teachers and see all the time that they have off work. The reality is that great teachers will take the time to slow down and recharge because the hours they put in during the term are “crazy”, but they will also take the time to prepare for the coming term. Teaching is an incredibly demanding and difficult job, but also an incredibly rewarding one. There are very few other roles where you can you make such a positive difference to the lives of others.

If you are interested in my latest comments about our education system you can read them here:

May I take this opportunity to congratulate all the students on their achievements this term and wish you all a very restful break.


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