St Paul’s successful at inaugural Australian Education Awards

St Paul’s School picked up four awards (the most of any school) at the inaugural Australian Education Awards.  Thanks to the School’s well-publicised focus on innovation and creativity, St Paul’s won Best Innovation in Curriculum Design, Headmaster of the Year (non-government), Best School Strategic Plan and Best Professional Learning Program.

Best innovation in curriculum design

St Paul’s has transformed our entire curriculum thanks to our unique teaching and learning model: Realms of Thinking.

Realms of Thinking help students to become innovative thinkers.  They are approaches to learning foster every child’s grasp of the basics while also growing their capacity to ask better questions, navigate the future, develop empathy and spark their imaginations.

These Realms of Thinking are embedded across the entire School curriculum, from Pre-Prep all the way to Year 12, to nurture and grow every student’s creativity, ability to innovate and ability to think like an entrepreneur.

Headmaster of the Year (non-government)

Dr Paul Browning, Principal of St Paul’s School in North Brisbane, is a leading voice in the national and international education sectors. He is a sought-after commentator in national media on issues including leadership and the direction of education.

Under Browning’s leadership, St Paul’s School has become recognised as one of the most innovative schools in Australia. In recent years, more than 130 schools from around Australia and the world have visited its campus to learn more about its innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

Best school strategic plan

The School’s strategic plan aims to realise the School’s vision: to be leaders in educational thinking and practice. Thanks to this strategic planning, St Paul’s has developed a reputation as one of the most forward-thinking, best-practice and most innovative schools in the world – a fact recognised within Australia and across the globe.

The strategic plan pushes the School to constantly review what it is doing to fulfil its primary goal, that is, to prepare resilient, global citizens, who are innovative thinkers, with a heart for servant leadership.

Best professional development program

The School’s priority of investing in and committing to teacher professional development, alongside on-site research and development into inventing new pedagogies and curriculum, has been key to realising this vision.  From this focus has grown a culture of commitment to professional development among all staff members – both teaching and non-teaching.

“Not every child is an entrepreneur. But every child can learn how to think like one.”

Dr Paul Browning, St Paul’s School Headmaster

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