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Realms of Thinking

St Paul’s School is an innovator and has researched, prototyped, tested and rolled out five unique Realms of Thinking that transform the learning landscape: creativity, design thinking, entrepreneurialism, global sustainability and inquiry


Creativity is an inherent and universal human quality. It contributes to the advancement of society, the development of knowledge, and is essential to psychological fulfilment. Within a school context, creative thinking enables students to evolve their understandings from ‘what is this?’ and ‘what can it do?’, to ‘what if?’ and ‘what can I do with this?’

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a people-centred way of solving (and finding) difficult problems. It is a different way of thinking that can be utilised as a creative problem-solving approach that embraces possibility, creative and innovative thinking to develop meaningful and relevant solutions to real-world problems.


Entrepreneurialism is another approach to problem solving. Entrepreneurial education at St Paul’s School encourages young people to: have a growth mindset; invest in themselves by identifying their strengths; seek out opportunities to collaborate with others and share creations; and, live with integrity.

Global Sustainability

Sustainability has traditionally been viewed narrowly as the concern for our global environmental future. It is so much more than this. There has never been a time with so much opportunity and yet so much at risk from a multitude of pressures. Global Sustainability at St Paul’s is concerned with developing critical and ethical decision-making, and developing empathy. It also aims to develop an awareness of how we can learn with perspective and evaluate what is best for our own, and our wider society’s future.


Inquiry Learning is a reflective process which fosters curiosity and higher order thinking skills. It is a shift from the valuing of content to valuing skills such as the creation of brilliant questions, learning how to learn, and resilience.

Our vision is to be leaders in education thinking and practice

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