Year 7 Camp

Posted on March 15, 2019

The Year 7 cohort were the first year level to embark on their Outdoor Education journey this year. The group travelled to Kenilworth Homestead for their three day camp, from 6-8 March. Their experience involved hiking, camping out, canoeing, mountain biking, an environmental program and a ropes component. Underpinning these activities was the School’s Character Framework, and virtues such as resilience, courage, respect and perseverance. Positive character traits were meaningfully discussed after each experience and students had the opportunity to reflect on these in their journals.

The camp is no longer just a grouping of individual outdoor experiences, but a coordinated series of teachable moments where students experience the core values that underpin our learning community. These values in action also demonstrate what it means to be a responsible global citizen with a heart for servant leadership. All this happens while the students work cooperatively, strengthening and broadening their friendship groups, having fun and creating memories.

Students embraced each challenge put before them with enthusiasm and returned to School on Friday afternoon more confident in their ability to deal with new situations. Students were also armed with the knowledge that they have the ability to work together to solve problems and overcome difficulties – a lesson that will benefit them in years to come.

The year level made an outstanding start to their Outdoor Education journey and should be proud of what they achieved. Staff who accompanied the students did a fantastic job facilitating the experience. Many of these teachers were attending a St Paul’s camp for the first time and their support of the program and the way they worked with the students was commendable.

Mr Cameron Howes
Head of Experiential Learning Development


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