Year 2 History Walk

Posted on February 21, 2018

This week our Year 2s went on a History Walk to learn more about our local area and how it has developed into what we see today.

“We begun with a bus tour of our local area, looking for signs of the past such as the Bald Hills Train Station, Petrol Station, Old General Store, Federation style houses, The School of the Arts, South Pine Bridge and the Old Fig Tree. We managed to jump off the bus and go for a walk across the overhead railway bridge, where we looked at the illustrated history of Bald Hills. We then met the ‘Bald Hills Bushies’ at the Barungwarra Bushland Reserve, where we heard about how it has changed over time. Bushie Bob and Bushie Helen told us about the Aboriginal Scar Tree, where we could see where the Turrbal tribe have cut away at a native tree, to make a Coolamon.

“We had great start to our day, on our History Tour!”

Mrs Casablanca & Mrs Hubble
Year 2 Teachers

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