Year 12 English Writing Journals

Posted on May 17, 2024

Our Year 12 General English cohort has embarked on an exciting journey with their new Writing Journal project, and the enthusiasm is contagious! Students have wholeheartedly embraced this creative venture complemented with in-depth study on narrative elements such as plot, setting, characterisation, concepts, symbols, and motifs.

The Year 12 English Unit 4.1 focuses on a close study of literary texts, culminating in students crafting a creative narrative under exam conditions (IA3). But here’s the twist: the process of creativity is just as crucial as the academic content. Mrs Linley-McGowan, one of our dedicated English teachers, shared her inspiration for this approach:

“I wanted to give my class as many chances as possible to find their creative voice while using their descriptive powers,” Mrs Linley-McGowan explains. “With this in mind, I’ve booked my class into the Possibility Hub for most lessons to generate an IA3 creative writing journal based on Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal.”

The students have been engaging in learning activities in the Innovation Precinct that include sensory writing, reflective writing, collage, illustration, and the use of physical props. These activities help them connect visual stimuli with language, fostering nuanced descriptions, character development, and setting creation.

Each student has created their own writing journal – a folio of creative writing ideas, story starters, characters and setting descriptions. This initiative is designed to immerse students in the creative process, enhancing their ability to write compelling narratives rich with symbolism, character conflict, motivation, and emotion.

We wish the Year 12 English students all the best for their exam and look forward to reading their stories.

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