Waddell sisters taking strides

Posted on May 3, 2019

Sisters Lili and Jazmin Waddell have had a busy start to the year, competing in various equestrian events across the state.


Prydes Easifeed South East Qld Regional Interschool Championships, Gatton – Easter Long Weekend, 19th-21st April

Lili & HR Fancy That

70 cm Show Jumping – 3 events – received Reserve Champion

80 cm Show Jumping – 3 events – 6th Place overall


Jazmin & Rothwell So Tempting

50 cm Show Jumping – 3 events – 3rd Overall

Combined Training 45cm – 3rd Overall


These all qualify both girls to attend the State Championships in July, however unfortunately the girls will not be able to attend as they will be overseas.


The Glennie School’s Interschool Equestrian Event, Toowoomba – 6th & 7th April

Jazmin & Rothwell So Tempting (her horse) Awarded – 1st in AM2 50cm Show Jumping

2nd – Super Two Phase Show Jumping

2nd – AM5 Show Jumping

& 2nd Overall

Jazmin also competed in combined training – 45cm and received 5th overall


Wide Bay Interschool Regional Comp – 23rd & 24th March

Lili won overall champion in the 80cm Showjumping (which included a two phase event and an AM5) on Rothwell So Tempting. This qualifies Lili for the State Showjumping on this horse for 80cm.

Lili also won overall champion in the 70cm Showjumping (which includes a two phase event and an AM5) this qualifies Lili for the State Showjumping on HR Fancy That.

Jazmin competed in her second ever dressage test and received overall 3rd on Rothwell So Tempting. This qualifies Jazmin to compete in the State dressage Championships on this horse.

Jazmin received 4th overall in the 50cm Showjumping.  Jazmin won her two phase and wasn’t well enough to do the AM5, however still placed 4th overall in Rothwell so tempting.


Both girls represented St Paul’s at each of the events. Well done, Lili and Jazmin on your achievements!

If you are interested in equestrian, please contact Ms Michelle Fraser (Extra-curricular Coordinator) for more information.

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