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Create a learn at home space

Ideas for parents and students.

Here are some ideas for school students for making your own happy learning space at home. While this post is written specially for students in isolation (due to COVID) the ideas are relevant for everyday learning space designers at any time.

Creating a home learning space could become a fun project where everyone becomes part of a learning space design team. As a household you might co-design individual work pods and/or a shared space to work side-by-side.

20 tips for parents to support their children while learning at home

The idea of home school may be a well oiled concept for some, but to others the thought may bring shock and horror into their lives.  How will they cope with having home and school in one place?  How will it affect the lives of the family members?

Here are some practical tips and guidelines for ways to be prepared mentally, physically and socially to the change learning from home will bring to family life.

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