Parent Connections Supporter’s Group Podcast

Parent Connections Supporter’s Group Podcast

Hello and welcome to the St Paul’s School, Parent Connections Supporter’s Group (PCSG) Podcast where we talk about all things parent engagement at St Paul’s School, Bald Hills.

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Season Two

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S2, E4: The St Paul’s Association

A conversation with Andrew Thomas (AT), President of the St Paul’s Association, the School’s parent body.  AT has been a pupil, parent and is now a member of staff at the school.  We talk about why he is still involved in the school, the benefits of getting involved in the supporter’s groups for the student, the School and for families


S2, E3: Why your children should persevere with their music practice.

A conversation with  Mrs Kellee Green, Head of Extra-curricular Music at St Paul’s School about the extra-curricular music program and the benefits of all those seemingly endless struggles to get your child to practice.

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S2 E2: Social Media and eSafety for Students and Families.

A conversation with Mrs Judy Bolton and Miss Maddy Dearnaley who are part of the Library Teaching team and the eSafety program at St Paul’s School. We talk about some best practices and resources to help you with navigating social media, mobile phones and eSaftey.

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S2,E1: St Paul’s in 2021 with Dr Paul Browning.

A conversation with Dr Paul Browning, Headmaster at St Paul’s School about what 2021 looks like for St Paul’s.  We also look back at 2020, the challenges and lessons and why parents were missed from campus.

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Season One

S1, E4: Current Parents and St Paul’s.

A conversation with three parents of current St Paul’s students about Parent Engagement across the St Paul’s Community.

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S1, E3: What makes the St Paul’s Way so Different?

A conversation with two current St Paul’s students, a past student and a parent of a current student, to delve into the specifics about what makes the St Paul’s Way so different to any other school education.

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S1, E2: How has education changed?  

A conversation with two current St Paul’s students and their mothers explore how education has changed over the years and what kind of opportunities St Paul’s School offers its students.

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S1, E1: St Paul’s Future Planning Project 

A conversation with Jon Andrews, Study Skills Co-ordinator at St Paul’s School about the Future Planning Research Project that the School conducted in 2014 and how the St Paul’s Way is leading innovation in education.

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