Emotional Intelligence

Posted on October 24, 2016

Students want to feel a sense of connectedness with their peers, a sense of belonging and they will do much to have that need fulfilled.

One of the positive indicators of the move to vertical Tutoring is that the peer pressure which has become more and more noticeable in the Horizontal Tutoring system could diminish as students interact across the ages.

The more I have studied Vertical Tutoring Systems, the more I can see a potential transformation of the St Paul’s School culture as students interact across all ages, hopefully from P-12.

I hear recently of a Year 3 student being assisted by a Year 11 student during Morphing Week. The Year 3 student so enjoyed the interaction, each time she saw the Year 11 student, she would run up to her a give her a big hug.

The Year 11 student commented to a staff member, “I guess this is what Vertical Tutoring is about.” Indeed it is, hopefully, when every student at St Paul’s feels valued, has a sense of purpose and is cared for.

Connection is all about relationships with peers, parents, mentors, teachers and others. Inevitably things go wrong and relationships break down.

At times like this students need support from parents. The attached interesting article circulated by Michael Grose, Australian parenting expert, has many valuable tips and good advice for situations like this.

Oct 2016 Emotional Intelligence article (002)

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