Posted on February 25, 2021

There were many powerful lessons that came out of 2020. One of those lessons was about how much value we place on relationships and community.

I cannot imagine what it must have been like, and continues to be like, for those people who haven’t been able to see family members because of border closures or restrictions.

My sister’s mother-in-law passed away recently. During her last weeks in the nursing home in NSW there were times that my sister, her husband, and their children could only visit “Ma” through the window. There were times that they couldn’t hug her, hold her hand or kiss her on the cheek. We all learned last year just how important family is and how much we crave relationships and being in a community.

Community is one of the three core values at St Paul’s School. We value relationships and we deliberately create opportunities for people to feel part of and belong to the community of St Paul’s School.

How good is it that we can now have parents back on campus, dropping off their children in the morning, stopping at Sippers for a coffee? How nice is it to see Adrian and his coffee van back at the Attunga Street carpark? How great is Saturday sport? I don’t ever remember seeing so many people enjoying (in a COVID-safe way) coming to School to watch their children play sport.

And there are other things we are noticing too, that indicate just how much people crave community. More parents than ever have been responding to the opportunity for a parent/teacher interview in the Junior School. It is wonderful to reconnect after a year of restrictions.

If you are new to our community this year, I encourage you to become involved. You could be part of the St Paul’s School Supporters Association (SPSSA), or one of the many Supporter Groups. Many past parents have made life-long friendships through the connections they have made in a Supporters Group, like, for example, the Junior School, Music, Rugby, Touch Football, Parent Connections, Past Students, or Cadet Supporters Groups. Some of those parents continue to be involved in the School, even though their children have long since left.

If that isn’t you, why not just stop by Sippers and have a coffee? (Please remember to check-in when you get there). A new blend has been specifically roasted for St Paul’s School by a past student’s company. I can recommend it.

Community is central to who we are at St Paul’s School. I welcome you and encourage you to be connected.


Dr Paul Browning


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