Term 3, Week 10 Careers and Counselling update

Posted on September 5, 2017


Last night I attended a presentation by Michelle Mitchell who is launching her new book “Parenting Teenage Girls in the Age of a New Normal.”  Michelle spoke about this new world our girls (and boys) are growing up in and I took away so many ideas on how to parent differently and more effectively with our teens.  Social media, disrespect, drugs, alcohol and moods were only a small selection of topics discussed in Michelle’s presentation.

Yesterday, I also had the opportunity to speak to mothers and their daughters in Year 6 and one of the topics I focused on was Social Media.  Careful consideration needs to be given to HOW you work with your children around setting up Social Media, creating boundaries and monitoring their online activities including who they are communicating with.  Empowering our children with the knowledge and skills on how to keep themselves safe online, recognising phishing (scams) and learning what to share and with who are only some of the things we need to explicitly teach our children and continue to actively monitor.  Some of my top tips around Social Media include:

  1.  Initially only setting your child up with you as their parents as their “Friends” so that you can teach them about the social media platform including how to report inappropriate behaviour and what to share/post.
  2. Not allowing devices in bedrooms as Cyberbullying is pervasive meaning it can now happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. Phones to be on the kitchen bench charging overnight to ensure children are not being woken up throughout the night with notifications and messages.
  4. No devices 45 minutes before bedtime to allow the body to release melatonin (sleepy hormone) getting us ready for sleep.
  5. In the first 6 months, asking your child to show you what they are going to share or post on social media so you have an opportunity to teach what is appropriate.

Google has recently launched a FREE program called “Interland” which is short for Internet Land and has some fun games that teach kids about phishing, sharing of information and more.  It can be a fun tool to start conversations with your children around keeping themselves safe online.  To explore Interland go to

I hope you all enjoy your holidays and find some time to relax and recharge!

Karen Semple
School Counsellor


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