Book Week 2018: Find Your Treasure

Posted on August 29, 2018

Book Week 2018 was a wonderful week of celebration! Monday 20th saw our annual whole-school Book Parade, as hundreds dressed up in response to the theme “Find Your Treasure”. The judges on the day (Ms Beeney, Mrs Flannery and Mrs Broadley) had a very difficult job in choosing their winners! It is, however, all about participation, and it was heartening to see so many students right across the School dressing as a character from a book they treasure and getting into the spirit of the day.

Numerous activities ran throughout the week in the Junior and Senior Libraries (Makerspace, craft activities, Trivia Competitions, Pirate name construction and a Writing Workshop (run by soon-to-be-published author Erin Hitzke). We wrapped up the week with a Book Expo which showcased the 54 entries into our “Write a Treasure” competition. Coming from Prep to Adult writers, and organised into six categories, these original, illustrated children’s books were a delight! At lunchtime, CBCA short-listed author Cori Brooke gave a wonderful presentation on her life as a writer, before the announcement of the winners was made. Congratulations to all those who entered, but special mention to the winners and those commended within their section:

Here is a rundown of the winners:

Prep – Year 2
Commendation: Jared Thew (A to Z of Ocean Creatures)
Winner: Gabriel Westley (The Paper Plane Boy)

Year 3 – 4
Commendation: Euan Campbell (The Lucky Penny)
Winner: Sohail Rahiman (Michael and the Emerald Kingdom)

Year 5 – 6
Commendation (Illustration): Nia Doherty
Commendation (Storytelling): Sienna G. Smith
Winner: Tantisha Prukston & Hannah Weller (A Treasure Around the World)

Year 7 – 9
Commendation: Tara Keith (Jack’s Imagination)
Winner: Grace Spinks (To the Countryside)

Year 10 – 12
Winner: Ella Evans (The Worried Bird)

Commendation: Renae Jones & Matt Lyne (I Can Invent Things Too)
Winner: Natalie Styles (Same-Same but Different)

Overall Winner
Ysabelle Simic & Verity Lloyd (Sophie’s Critter)

Mrs Judy Bolton
Head of Information Services

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