St Paul’s recognised as one of Australia’s leading innovators

St Paul’s School has once again been recognised as one of the most innovative schools in Australia

The Educator Magazine’s has released its annual list of the most innovative schools with St Paul’s being named as one of the most forward-thinking schools.

Our innovative approach

St Paul’s School has pioneered an approach to education that helps every student become an innovative thinker.  Our unique teaching and learning program, Realms of Thinking, helps students master the basics while also growing their capacity to be innovative and to solve complex problems.

From Pre-Prep right through to Year 12, St Paul’s students have the opportunity to discuss concepts such as “change” and “sustainability” and to apply their creative thinking to solving difficult problems and learning how to work together to achieve their aims.

Transformed learning

Realms of Thinking transformed the way Year 10 science approached their learning, through the creation of a a Mars Biosphere unit that challenges students to draw upon learning from other subjects while also using creative thinking.

This particular unit challenged students to create a Biosphere on Mars that could sustain life in the event that Earth becomes uninhabitable.

Design Led Ventures

Design Led Ventures (DLVs) are a completely unique curriculum unit at St Paul’s School that allows students to development of a creative functional solution for a variety of real-world business clients. Past clients have included, RACQ, Jones Lang Lasalle, and University of the Sunshine Coast.

Students in Years 7-12 complete a 16-week journey which include workshops, challenges, interviewing stakeholders, excursions, guest speakers, design thinking, honing their creative dispositions and developing their entrepreneurial skills. The students learnt how to work well as a team, how to create and use Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs), conducting effective interviews, project planning, collaboration, and implementation planning.

Accelerating Change

St Paul’s School’s ‘Accelerating Change’ podcast is a ‘conversation about the future’.  The School’s Headmaster interviewed 6 experts in sectors being disrupted by technological change and explored what such changes meant for humanity, employment, students and our future.

The Accelerating Change podcast ranked in the top 25% globally of all new podcasts launched in 2021.  Season 2 performed even better and explored topics such as the Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, and Innovation in Education with Dr Yong Zhao.

“Not every child will become an entrepreneur. But every child can learn how to think like one.”

Dr Paul Browning. St Paul’s School Headmaster

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