St Paul’s named one of Australia’s most innovative schools

For the second year in a row, St Paul’s School has been named as one of the 40 most innovative schools in Australia by The Educator magazine, further cementing the School’s reputation as a leader in Australian education.

What makes the School innovative?

In early 2018, St Paul’s was named by Cambridge University Students’ Union as one of the 100 most innovative learning organisations in the world. The School’s Realms of Thinking program is an approach to teaching and learning where staff foster students’ grasp of the basics while also growing their capacity to be innovative and to solve complex problems – to think like entrepreneurs and even create their own business opportunities.

As a result, students from the age of 5 have the opportunity to discuss concepts such as change and sustainability, and to apply their creative thinking to solving difficult problems and learning how to work together to achieve their aims.

The keys to success

St Paul’s has proven that great academic results can be achieved at the same time as nurturing a child’s creativity and their capacity to think like an entrepreneur.

This is critical as all students need both a strong grasp of the basics, alongside a highly creative imagination and the ability to think quickly, if they are to be successful in the world of tomorrow.

“Not every child is an entrepreneur. But every child can learn how to think like one.”

Dr Paul Browning, St Paul’s School Headmaster

Will your child be ready for the world of the future? Find out what an education worth having looks like by learning more about St Paul’s today.

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