St Paul’s recognised as one of the world’s leading innovators

St Paul’s is proud to be recognised as one of the top 100 most innovative educational institutions in the world by one of Cambridge University’s most influential bodies.

Seeking to celebrate 800 years of innovation at Cambridge University, the publication Innovation 800 highlights Cambridge University’s 800-year history as a leader in innovation while also identifying pioneers in innovation among industry, education and other sectors.  The key elements of St Paul’s School recognised in Innovation 800 include:

What will the world look like in 2028?

The world of 2028 will be heavily influenced by technology through addition (new jobs being created), alteration (the nature of jobs being affected) and automation (technology replacing human jobs).

But AI cannot replicate human creativity. The jobs of the future will still require skills that robots cannot copy.

The keys to success

We believe you can achieve great exam results at the same time as nurturing a child’s creativity, and do this in an ethical way.

A highly creative imagination and the skill to think quickly will be the keys to success in the future jobs market.  So how can an education enhance this?

An education worth having

St Paul’s School Realms of Thinking foster our pupils’ grasp of the basics while also growing their capacity to be innovative and to solve complex problems.  From Pre-Prep right through to Year 12, St Paul’s students have the opportunity to discuss concepts such as “change” and “sustainability” and to apply their creative thinking to solving difficult problems and learning how to work together to achieve their aims.

Create your own story

St Paul’s School empowers students to identify problems and apply ways of thinking that create innovative solutions. When control is loosened and students are empowered, real learning occurs. It is mind-blowing when this is done successfully.  Some students may go on to become CEOs while still at school, while all students can be equipped with the capacity to think like an entrepreneur.

“Not every child is an entrepreneur. But every child can learn how to think like one.”

Dr Paul Browning. St Paul’s School Headmaster

Will your child be ready for the world of the future? Find out what an education worth having looks like by learning more about St Paul’s today.

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