About St Paul’s


St Paul’s School is an Anglican school that welcomes

students of all backgrounds and faiths.

We believe that each person is uniquely crafted in the image of our creator God, each with gifts, talents, strengths and weaknesses. From birth we are on a journey towards the fulfilment of our God‐given purpose.

Our philosophy

We were designed to be relational beings (both socially and spiritually), interacting with the world which has been entrusted to our care and interacting with each other in community.

Learning is a result of our interaction with each other and our world. The more we embrace life, the more we seek to discover or create, the more we learn and the greater is our potential.

Our Chaplain

Our School employs a Chaplain who cares for the entire School community, both Junior and Secondary Schools.

Our Chaplain regularly meet with students for support and pastoral care, while also providing spiritual guidance and leadership to any student who wishes to explore the truth of Christianity further.


Our chapel

The St Paul’s Chapel is a hub for many activities in the School community and is an outward model of the School’s Christian foundations and is the focal point for worship at St Paul’s School.

Junior School students attend Chapel each week and Secondary students attend every two weeks.  Opportunities exist for students to actively participate in Chapel services.

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