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An Education Worth Having

The World in 2028

We interviewed 30 global experts across disciplines such as astrophysics, economics, theology and philosophy to build a picture of what the world will look like in 2028. The result is the St Paul’s Future Planning Project.

Our School’s Vision

We have been researching extensively, imagining what the world of 2028 might hold when our current Pre-Prep students reach the final year of compulsory education. As a result of the process four narratives describing possible futures were developed.

Past student testimonials

We don’t just prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow – some our students go on to create them. These are some of their stories:

Alex Browning

Class of 2012

Alex is both a keen mathematician, researcher and entrepreneur. Using his self-taught programming and digital media skills from his middle school days, he founded Canvas Digital Media in 2014 with a fellow St Paul’s alumni. Canvas Digital now produces websites, corporate videos and works of animation, along with graphics for a variety of clients. Noticing a niche in the high school tutoring market, Alex also founded AB Tutors in 2013 and has provided numerous students with quality, personal, tutoring. Alex is never satisfied with doing things using traditional methods, and is always on the hunt for new ideas.

Moses Maye Athian

Class of 2012

Inspired by the possibilities of an entrepreneurial career, in 2013 Moses started an event company called MOB Entertainment, and by mid-2014 he had sold this business and reinvested the return into a new business: Soignè Event services. By the end of 2016, Moses and a group of fellow St Paul’s alumni hope to launch another business focusing on the retail and fashion industry.

Regan Jones

Class of 1993

Regan’s entrepreneurial spirit was born early with his keen interest in change management, continuous improvement, and left of centre thinking which has resulted in numerous successful management ventures. With a blossoming management career in the world of Oil and Gas, Regan has recently seized an opportunity to venture into the realm of true entrepreneurism, developing a totally self funded and self designed start up venture. Working with a team of developers, he has released an App for away from home workers to stay more connected with family and friends. Regan’s passion continues with his ongoing communication with his customers, resulting in the continuous improvement of his App, ‘One Minute Closer’, which now has over 3000 active users and a network that is growing by the day.

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