2021 Descendants Photo

Dear parents and caregivers

The St Paul’s School descendants photo is one of our most popular traditions.  Unfortunately, when the photo was taken this year there was a high number of absentees.  As a result, almost a third of past student descendants were unable to be in the photo.  Because of this, we are gauging interest in re-shooting the photo at 8.40am on Monday 15 November.  We realise this is inconvenient for those who were in the original photo, but we’d like to give everyone an opportunity to participate.  Please click the link below to express your interest in retaking the photo and, if we can confirm enough interest and availability, we will lock in this photo.


Thank you

Kind regards

Sarah Slade

Please register your interest below by entering your child/ren’s name and confirming their attendance on Monday, 15 November at 8.40am.

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