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Senior School

Senior School (Years 10 – 12)

Senior students at St Paul’s are the leaders of our community. Your child will have multiple opportunities to work in the real world and on real world problems, while also playing a crucial role in helping younger students flourish.

The learning opportunities for senior students are vast.  To learn more, investigate the subjects available below:

What learning looks like

Many students in their final years will be working either as part of the workforce or for themselves, with a number of students even starting their own business while still at School. The full effect of an education enhanced by our Learning Realms will be plain to see, as your child shows the power of creative thinking, a global perspective, a resilient nature and a thirst for entrepreneurship.

Case study: ‘Safe Choices’ unit

Students are challenged with the idea of “choice”. In Year 10 Health Studies, students are asked the question: “In a world full of opportunities, why should we encourage people to make safe choices?” From here, students develop their own question that comes under this big question and present their findings in a relevant medium such as film, dance, photography, poetry and more.

Meet Sarah

Year 12 student Sarah McDonald is one of the most creative students at St Paul’s School. The winner of the inaugural Entrepreneurs Club, Sarah has also excelled in drama, debating and English. She is learning Chinese and has participated in United Nations Youth Assemblies. Sarah’s career opportunities are broad and exciting, with a multitude of paths open to her. The only limit on where Sarah might go is the breadth of her imagination.

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