So, what is Wayfarers?

“Wayfarers @ St Paul’s” is a catch-all phrase, used to describe a variety of opportunities for Christians and other interested people in the School community to support one another and to show the love of God to the wider community. Opportunities include –

  • Gathering together on Sunday afternoons – monthly, at this stage – from 5.00-6.00 pm (no later than 6.30, we promise)
  • Lunch-time meetings for students
  • Before-school devotions, for staff and interested parents
  • An online presence, including newsletter contributions and blogs
  • Special community events (eg. Carols; Easter service)

Like a church, you mean?

Well, yes…. and no. At least, not in the way that you might have experienced church previously. Wayfarers @ St Paul’s is not being established to “compete” with existing churches. Rather, it is seen as an opportunity for –

  • Christians from all denominations, who happen to be affiliated with St Paul’s School, to come together regularly for fellowship and celebration;
  • Others (students, staff and parents) who are interested in finding out more about Christianity, as well as those who have walked away from the Church, to discuss faith in an informal context;
  • Sharing of life’s joys and sorrows;
  • Praying for one another and for the ministry of the School.

 So, who is invited?

Members of all Christian denominations, people of other faiths and people of no faith are all invited. We may not agree on all issues, but we will agree to respect and love each other as we share the journey together. That’s right – it’s not really church but it’s for people who feel that the spiritual aspect of their lives has been neglected, or who feel this may be a good opportunity to build a sense of community at St Paul’s. Perhaps you used to go to church, but life became too busy. Perhaps you had a faith and you were hurt, or even abused, by “organised religion”. Perhaps you have never felt any need for God, but now you are dealing with issues in your life that you feel may be beyond your capacity to deal with.

Wayfarers is for you. Bring your questions, bring your doubts, bring your hurts and your disappointments. You will find others who are on this journey through life, who will listen, enter into honest conversation with you, pray with you and offer love and acceptance. Who knows – you might also find healing and forgiveness, the answers to some of those questions, and a new sense of meaning and purpose.

Wayfarers 2


Email us – [email protected] to find out more, including the date of our next Sunday gathering.

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