Visiting Schools

St Paul’s School is committed to influencing the education debate and improving educational practices in Schools across Australia and the world.

We invite you to learn about staff appraisal, our Learning Realms, teaching professional development, as well as unique approaches to entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership.

St Paul’s has pioneered unique teaching and learning pedagogies aimed at delivering exceptional educational practices across our School.  We are open to sharing this research through teacher training and professional development; something we have already done with almost 150 schools from across the globe.

The Centre for Research Innovation and Future Development undertakes frontline research into what makes understanding teaching and learning and then support teachers to grow their professional practice through coaching, professional development and research opportunities.

The key ingredient to a positive organisational culture is trust. A lack of trust is the main barrier to improvement. It is therefore critically important to engender trust in those you lead. St Paul’s Headmaster, Dr Paul Browning has identified 10 key leadership practices that engender and grow trust.

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