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Online Safety and Digital Wellbeing

Read the School’s Cyber Safety policy


Parents: a compelling, but quite disturbing watch for you: Dateline Series 2021 Episode 1 is called Digital Predators. It is a 30 minute account of the incredible rise of child abuse via the Internet (and one which has grown exponentially during the time of Covid!) One of the key take away messages is that young children are uploading their lives online, via social media platforms, sharing their personal information without realising what is being done with it. Predators are tapping into these freely available images and videos and sharing in online communities. The important message: Parents must know more about what their children are doing online.

Find the episode on SBS on Demand


Keeping Tabs on your Child’s Social Media   (What are young people doing with their phones and are there any age restrictions on the social media platforms they’re using?)

From the eSafety Commissioner: Are They Old Enough? (When is your child old enough to take their first online steps and begin to explore on their own? How soon are they ready for smartphones and social media accounts?)

For Parents

Watch this thought-provoking documentary The Social Dilemma


Social Media for Teenagers

Encouraging Positive Online Behaviour

Peer Pressure and Social Media

Self Esteem and Social Media

From the eSafety Commissioner

6 Online safety Tips for the “New normal”



Providing parents and caregivers with up-to-date and useful information is also part of our role.

Below is a list of valuable resources that are useful for teachers, parents and students:


On Wednesday 17 March, Ms Dearnaley and Mrs Bolton will be guests of the Parent Connections Supporters Group which has been publishing a series of podcasts for Families. The first series looked at the changing world, how St Paul’s has changed to prepare young people for this new world, and the value of school/family partnerships.

They have just started recoding the second series beginning with an interview with Dr. Browning.  They are now looking at three podcasts each investigating an “issue”.  The first is the “issue” of social media, and use of phones and other electronic devices. Look out for the published podcast!





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