St Paul’s bus service

St Paul’s bus service

In partnership with Brisbane Bus Lines (BBL), St Paul’s provides two bus services to meet the needs of families attending St Paul’s School.


For families in the Samford, Mount Samson, Cedar Creek, Yugar, Clear Mountain, Closeburn, Highvale, Wights Mountain, Camp Mountain and Eatons Hill areas.

BBL runs their Samford Express service from Samford Village to St Paul’s via Eatons Hill, taking only 30-40 minutes. The bus will then depart St Paul’s after school and return to Samford Village via Eatons Hill using the same route as the morning. This is a hail and ride service, please contact BBL for specific stop information.

Please contact Brisbane Bus Lines on 3354 3633 or [email protected]

The BBL Samford Village service also has a number of other BBL school busses which connect to it from Highvale, Wights Mountain, Mount Samson, Dayboro, Cedar Creek and Samford Valley. We understand some families may already be utilising the BBL services already.

CLICK HERE for route maps and timetable


For families in the Bunya, Ferny Hills, Everton Hills, McDowall and Bridgeman Downs areas.

Together with BBL, St Paul’s provides a 33 seat dedicated bus service from Bunya to St Paul’s via a hail and ride service through McDowall and Bridgeman Downs, with the journey only taking 50 minutes. The bus will then depart St Paul’s after school and return to Bunya using the same route as the morning.

Where will the St Paul’s bus stop?

The bus can be hailed from anywhere it can stop safely in Bunya (on the specified route), even from outside your own home. From Bridgeman Road onwards students can hail the bus from any bus stop.

CLICK HERE for route map

CLICK HERE for timetable

PLEASE NOTE: If the bus is late you will need to contact Brisbane Bus Lines (not St Paul’s) on 3354 3633, who will have up to date information on your service.

Will my child be safe on a public bus?

We take the safety of our students very seriously. All the buses are school buses, so your children will only be getting onto the bus with other school students, not with members of the public.

How much will tickets cost?

This will depend on which service you use.

As the parents of a school child, if your child is catching a bus for the purpose of traveling to and from school, and if you live in one of the following areas, you may be eligible for subsidised bus travel from the Queensland Government.

Samford Village, Samford Valley, Highvale, Wights Mountain, Camp Mountain, Cedar Creek, Mount Samson, Closeburn, Dayboro, Yugar, Draper, Eatons Hill, Bunya

Simply complete THIS FORM and return it to Brisbane Bus lines who will confirm your eligibility. We know some students in these areas may already have a bus pass, if so then there is no need to complete the form again. If you have any questions about the completion of the form, please contact Brisbane Bus Lines directly. To find out more about the Queensland Government bus subsidy scheme, CLICK HERE.

  • Samford Village to St Paul’s route:
    For the Brisbane Bus Lines Samford to St Paul’s route, ticket prices vary between $3 and $5 depending on whether you qualify for a bus pass and where you get onto the bus.
    Please contact Brisbane Bus Lines on 3354 3633 or [email protected]
    for help with the form and confirm ticket prices.
  • Bunya to St Paul’s route:
    Bunya to St Paul’s – flat fee of $4.20 per journey for all students.  (Tickets $5.00 if purchased on the bus.)
    Families who live in Bunya are please asked to complete the subsidised bus travel form. THIS FORM  Your completion of the form will allow us to offer this flat rate to all students. If the subsidy forms aren’t completed by a majority of families, the School will need to increase the ticket charge accordingly. (Brisbane Bus Lines will confirm eligibility.)

How do I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased in the following ways:

  • Samford Village bus – this is administered by Brisbane Bus Lines and you can purchase single journey’s or ten trip tickets from the bus driver. Alternatively, 10 trip tickets can be purchased over the phone and posted to you or in person at their head office at 26 Pickering St, Enoggera. Term or annual pass options are also available, please contact Brisbane Bus Lines for prices.
  • St Paul’s Bunya bus – tickets can be purchased from the School’s Accounts desk or via our School website.  There is no minimum order and travel can be as frequently or infrequently as required.  Tickets to be collected from Accounts.

Can all students use the buses?

Any current St Paul’s School student can use the Brisbane Bus Lines services.  St Paul’s School’s has a policy which states that students in Year 4 to Year 12 may take the St Paul’s Bunya bus, but students in Pre Prep to Year 3 may only use the bus if they have an accompanying sibling who is in Year 7 onwards and who travels on the bus with them at all times.


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