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Accepting applications for Year 5 2023

Accepting applications for Year 5 in 2023

Begin your St Paul’s journey by attending our upcoming Open Morning on Saturday, 28 May.

On the day, families will have an opportunity to walk through our facilities and Junior School classrooms. Mrs Marianne Connolly (Director of Junior School) and various staff will be on-hand to discuss our educational approach and answer any questions you may have.

The world is changing faster than ever before. It’s predicted that over the next 20 years, up to 50% of today’s jobs will be disrupted by robots and artificial intelligence.

It’s clear that the skills and dispositions students need to thrive in tomorrow’s workforce are vastly different to those valued in times’ past.

It’s important that children receive an education worth having. One that builds their creative capacity. One that helps them think like entrepreneurs. And one that gives them a sense of hope for the future.

Our commitment is to provide your child with the opportunity to create their own story.

What makes an education worth having at St Paul’s School

A holisitc education

With the world changing faster than ever before, students need very different skills and dispositions than in the past. Business leaders consistently comment that the leaders of tomorrow will need high levels of creativity, empathy and resilience, but also the capacity to work cross-culturally and collaboratively.

Because of this, St Paul’s seeks to offer a truly holistic education – one where students’ academic needs are catered to while also nurturing their character.

Entrepreneurship Opportunities

At St Paul’s, students have the opportunity to work alongside corporate experts and startup mentors to identify a problem and create a business solution. Some students even take their solution to market, becoming CEOs before they even finish school.

Our on-site startup precinct fosters the growth of students and adults (including parents) seeking to solve big problems. The CIE encourages a mindset that ‘dares to begin’ by providing resources to empower and support students to think like entrepreneurs.

Broad Extra-curricular opportunities

School life is much more than what happens in the classroom. At St Paul’s, the opportunities for students to pursue their interests and broaden their experiences is enormous. Whatever your child’s strengths and interests, St Paul’s can help them maximise their potential.

Realms of Thinking and Ways of Being: A holistic education

Realms of Thinking and Ways of Being are, quite intentionally, complementary to one another. Together, they represent our approach to a holistic education. Realms of Thinking is an approach to learning that helps students to become innovative thinkers. Ways of being is a framework of 10 Character Virtues that help students become young people of character.

Meet Riley

Our students learn to think like entrepreneurs from the beginning of their St Paul’s journey and if they have a business idea, age is no barrier to becoming a CEO. Year 5 student, Riley Barratt, started his own business – an AirBnB for pets service. Riley has been coached through the St Paul’s Centre for Innovators and Entrepreneurs as to how he can grow his business, better market his services, think about product innovations and analyse his customer segments. He’s also learning about profit and loss and other practicalities of running a business. Not bad for someone who only just turned 10.



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