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St Paul’s has accreditation as an eSmart school. This means that we have been recognised for providing and implementing programs across the school which assist students to become safe and responsible users of the Internet. Information about eSmart can be found here and you can read specific information regarding eSmart schools here

Read the School’s Cyber Safety policy Cyber Safety Policy



Are you confused by the plethora of apps and social networking sites available today? It is easy to feel overwhelmed and out of touch. To help you assess the benefits and potential dangers of some sites, consult the eSafety Commissioner’s eSafety guide to games, apps and social networking

The latest edition of The Anglican School’s Commission publication Cyberbytes has lots of interesting information:

  • 4 R’s of cyber safety;
  • Your words have meaning: how to have class online;
  • Being upstander against cyberbullying;
  • Completing a cyber check-up;
  • Password generation and safety hints;
  • Video streaming safety tips for teens;
  • Fortnite scam prevention; and
  • Positive use of technology – worry time and breathe apps  by




Providing parents and caregivers with up-to-date and useful information is also part of our role.

Below is a list of valuable resources that are useful for teachers, parents and students:


Cyber Safety Champions Meeting Term 2

St Paul’s is one of the Anglican School’s Commission’s Cyber Safety and Digital Wellbeing Champion schools.

Cyber Safety Champions are delegated by each school to drive the school’s cyber safety quality improvement agenda and cyber safety efforts. The concept of a Cyber Safety Champion Network combines the strategies of ‘Champions’ to support organisational change and a ‘Community of Practice’ (CoP). Both recognise the sociocultural aspects of supporting innovative and improved practices and organisational change.

The meeting this term was a “First” as it was held in the format of a webinar. Attendees were given a presentation by Dr Roberta Thompson, who has conducted research as part of the Girls Social Media Project . Following this presentation, Steve Window, from the ASC , gave Champions and update on many different initiatives – both State and National – currently on the table regarding cyber safety: Chaplain cyberbulling training, PD conducted by the eSafety Commissioner, flowcharts for action on cyberbullying devised by the State government cyberbullying task force and cyber crime awareness sessions.








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