The Way of the Future

Posted on May 16, 2017

I was chatting to a friend of mine a few months ago. She lives in Adelaide. She works for a multi-national IT company.

The benefits that technology has brought has enabled her to work from home. No longer is she shackled to the car, combating the morning and afternoon traffic to get to and from work. Her petrol and parking costs have plummeted. She can sit at her desk in her pyjamas, hot coffee in hand. The idyllic scenario?

Perhaps not. While my friend was excited at the opportunity to be there each day to greet her children as they returned from school, they have now grown up and she is on her own. The lack of daily face-to-face interaction with other people has caused her to lose all confidence. She has withdrawn into a world of her own, fearful of going out in public. A once vibrant, veracious woman, her home has now become her prison.

Our humanity is manifested in relationships. We experience life to its fullest when we are active in the community and are interacting with other people in meaningful ways.

Technology is reshaping the world as we know it. It is transforming the way we work. I am often asked if I can see a time when technology will replace schools. I do believe that it is possible, but I sincerely hope not.

To be truly human we need to be in relationships with others, and with our creator God. If we are not, life is diminished. Schools will exist (not primarily because parents will need someone to care for their child) but because an important part of an education worth having is the development of a person’s social and emotion skills.

Where else will our young people learn how to manage conflict, how to develop meaningful relationships, develop tolerance, team building and collaboration skills, and most importantly, resilience, if they are not in community with others outside of their home? This is why St Paul’s School believes so passionately in a holistic education, one that not only provides for a person’s intellectual growth, but one that prepares them to enjoy everything that life provides.


Dr Paul Browning

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