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From the Headmaster

A few house-keeping items

While we often take it for granted, we are blessed with considerable parking on the School property. In the interests of safety and neighbourly relations, may I please remind people to follow the rules of the carpark, i.e. the two minute drop-off and pick up zones, the no parking zones and the speed limit.  From time to time the police do come to the carpark to ensure that people are abiding by the rules.

We are also very fortunate to be able to use the carpark at the end of Attunga Street for student parking.  This enables us to keep P Plate drivers away from the rest of the community.  It was only a few years ago that we were not able to use this entrance during the week because people had used the street for parking, turning cars around and driving above the speed limit.  After negotiations with the neighbours, the local council lifted the ban and we can use this space.  In respect for our neighbours this entrance and carpark is only for students during the hours of 7.30am and 4.00pm and not for dropping students off.  Please try and refrain from using the dead-end of Attunga Street for dropping off students, parking and turning around.
Could I also ask parents to remind their students of the School’s expectations and standards, particularly in relation to behaviour and uniform.  As a school we value parental support and working in partnership with you.  All our policies are online.

Paul Browning

Invitation to the Launch of the new Strategic Plan

A reminder that the Launch of the School’s new Strategic Plan will be held in our new Sutton Building on Tuesday 20 March 2012, commencing at 7.00pm. It will be a wonderful opportunity to tour the latest building, hear about our plans for the next two years and meet the School Council. 

RSVP for this event by Friday 16 March to Miss Sam Beeney


Focus for the Week

The majority of St Paul’s students do the school proud when they are representing the school. They wear their uniforms with pride. Please remember to consult the Uniform Rules in the Student Diary, most especially the information about Jewellery (Point 10): Boys may not wear any visible jewellery except medical bracelets and wrist-watches. No transparent studs are acceptable. Girls may not wear any visible jewellery except medical bracelets, wrist-watches, and plain metal studs or sleeper earrings (one per ear). No other visible piercings are acceptable. Hair ribbons worn must be in the school colours: No makeup, including nail polish, is to be worn when in School uniform. Students may wear authorised badges, up to a maximum of three at a time, and a small Christian Cross necklace.

Robin Cox
Director of Faith and Ministry 

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