Staff and employment

Our community consists not only of students and their parents, but also staff. It is the staff who make for a quality school.

“The main driver for the variation in student learning at a school is the quality of its staff.” (Caldwell, 2009)

Educational research has shown time and time again that the main contributing factor to the success of a student is the quality of the teacher in the classroom. Under its vision to be leaders in educational thinking and practice, St Paul’s School is committed to providing the highest quality staff possible for your students.

Currently, St Paul’s employs over 200 permanent staff. In addition to this number are our 20 Music Tutors. St Paul’s School values the provision of quality feedback to our staff through the appraisal system and professional development to assist in attaining exemplary status, much of which is provided through our Centre for Research, Innovation and Future Development.

Manager of Teaching and Learning

The Manager of Teaching and Learning is a position unique to St Paul’s School and again, part of our commitment to providing the best possible teaching to your students. Julie Bryce’s role is to mentor and support staff to be their very best, while recognising their crucial role in enabling St Paul's School to achieve its vision to be "Leaders in Educational Thinking and Practice". Mrs Bryce is also a facilitator of professional development courses run through The Centre for Research, Innovation and Future Development. 


Why work at St Paul’s School?

Sally Handyside

"I enjoy working at St Paul's because of its opportunities and sense of community. I feel that as a staff member we are given loads of opportunities to challenge ourselves and learn new things. I decided to take on a research paper recently, a daunting task for a second year teacher, but was guided and supported through the whole process and was able to learn a lot - not only about the topic of my research, but myself as a teacher. I also love that St Paul's has a great 'community feel'. Staff at St Paul's are kind and very easy to get along with." 

Erin Casablanca

"At St Paul's, I work in a great teaching team with two talented colleagues; allowing us to learn from each other and teach to our strengths." 

Steve Wilkins

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working at St Paul’s for the past 12 years and for many more to come. I have been impressed by the many valuable professional development opportunities provided to me so that I can be at the forefront of educational thinking and practise. There is also a great community spirit amongst the staff and families which makes working at St Paul’s a fantastic experience." 

St Paul’s School’s vision is to be leaders in educational thinking and practice. To this end St Paul’s School is committed to providing its employees continued constructive feedback and outstanding professional development. The school is renowned for its commitment with the growing reputation of its Centre for Research, Innovation and Future Development.

Working at St Paul’s School will help you be the best teacher you can be and help you attain your career aspirations.
Along with tremendous professional development opportunities St Paul’s Staff have the opportunity to be part of a teacher exchange program with its sister schools in China and Japan. Teaching exchanges and short-term tours are also offered to Singapore.

St Paul’s School is a signatory to the Queensland Anglican Schools Enterprise Agreement 2015 and is an equal opportunity employer.

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