St Paul’s School is committed to a clear vision of becoming leaders in educational thinking and practice. The Performance Appraisal process is part of actualising this vision. The purpose of performance appraisal is to promote and extend the professional growth of all staff members. Michael Fullan made an interesting comment when he said:

We cannot achieve quality learning for all or nearly all students until quality continuous development is attained for all or nearly all teachers.

The appraisal process at the school has been created using the Queensland Teacher Standards in conjunction with the St Paul’s School Teacher Position Description. Teachers will reflect on their performance and receive feedback from their colleagues and the students who they teach. This feedback will enable them to develop a two year professional learning plan that will be supported by the Centre.

Investing in professional learning is the key to ensuring that St Paul’s School becomes a learning community where teachers work together, learn from each other and share best practice on effective teaching and learning.


Leading in educational thinking and practice

Please take the time to view this five minute video produced by the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership’s (AITSL), who recently visited the School to do a case study on the work that St Paul’s School has been doing in supporting our staff in their professional journeys. We are already blessed with a wonderful staff, but it is important for all professionals to continually grow in their careers. Research has constantly shown that we can have the most wonderful facilities, but if we do not have a quality teacher in front of the classroom then it is all for naught St Paul’s School has been recognised as leading the way in the area of appraisal and professional learning. 

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