iPhone App

St Paul’s School iPhone App is now available for iPhones and Android phones.

This App allows parents and Students to access to all of the latest information about events and daily life at the School. 

We welcome your feedback and suggestions, as we continue to refine the app over time.  

Download App for iPhone  Download App for Android phone

The App has one-touch buttons for:

  • School calendar
  • School notices. Notices can be set to "push" so your phone can alert you to an incoming notice. Notices can be selected so you receive only the ones that are relevant to your family; for example, you can receive Junior School, Middle School, Senior School and/or International School notifications.
  • School newsletters
  • Flexischools for payments
  • Contacting the School's Headmaster, Reception or Registrar
  • A campus map

The App has access to the School's TASS system so you can login to:

  • Parent Lounge
  • Student Cafe

for timetables and other student information. Setup your Parent Lounge login details under the Settings/Account Details section of the App to allow convenient and fast access.

All updates and improvements will be announced here on our website, in The Link and on Facebook

Please send any questions you have about the functionality of our App to development@stpauls.qld.edu.au along with any feedback.

(NB: The app requires iOS 5.0 or later.  If the app won't load onto your iPhone, you may need to connect your iPhone to iTunes to update your iPhone software.)

Last modified on 10 May 2015 at 23:26