Pastoral Care

St Paul’s students are divided into Houses in both the Junior School and the Middle and Senior Schools. In the Junior School the Class teachers play a key role in the pastoral care of students. In the Middle and Senior Schools the Heads of House and Tutors take pastoral care responsibility of the students under their care.

Tutors at St Paul’s School play a significant role in the lives of students at the school. The following are guidelines from global research as to how an effective tutoring system will impact the lives of Middle School and Senior School students:

1. Adolescents would like to be cared for (loved)

  • They need to feel safe and secure.
  • The more they are cared for, the more secure they feel.
  • They need to be surrounded by people who care for, appreciate and accept them unconditionally.
  • They need the positive influences of peers and adults to encourage them to do their best.
  • They need to be encouraged to appreciate that they are more likely to reach their potential when clear rules or boundaries (some of which can be negotiated) are in place. When they step over these boundaries there will be reasonable consequences.


2. Adolescents would like to be valued

  • The more they are valued, the more positive self-worth they experience.
  • They need to be encouraged to feel they have some control over things that happen to them.
  • Empowering them will be proof that they are valued, respected, liked and are regarded as valuable resources.
  • They need fun time to interact with peers and adults, which involves the development of social skills. 

3. Adolescents would like to know that life has meaning and purpose

  • Their lives have significance.
  • The more they understand that there is a reason for their existence, the more significant they will feel.
  • They need encouragement to explore opportunities within and outside of school to learn and develop new skills and interests.
  • They are encouraged to acquire a commitment to learning: academic success and the long-term value of learning will enhance their self-worth as they discover their gifts and talents.
  • They need to appreciate and understand how to make the tough decisions and choices; how to cope with new situations.
  • They need guidance to develop a positive view of the future .

The Chaplain, Youth Worker and School Counsellors also play an integral part in the School’s Pastoral Care program.

The Executive Director of Faith and Community oversees pastoral care at St. Paul's.

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