Holistic Education


The holistic education of students at St Paul's is overseen by the Authentic Ministry Committee. This committee, set up in early 2010, in accordance with the Strategic Plan is currently exploring ways of ensuring that St Paul’s abides by the School’s Mission and Statement of Philosophy in all that it does. The Committee is also discussing how it can effectively function and make a positive contribution towards the growth of Authentic Ministry as outlined in the Strategic Plan.

Authentic Ministry includes members of the St Paul’s community being involved in the ministry of Jesus; is based on Scripture (Luke 4: 18 – 19; Matthew 28: 19 – 20); invites people to participate in the Kingdom of God; equips people to live authentically for Christ; engages with the real world; let’s go of the world’s way of getting things done e.g., for payment, self-gratification, for reward, for power, for status; and seeks to win the world through love, compassion, vulnerability, teaching, mercy, giving, service and faith in God.

Thought for the week from Robin Cox

"Stand fast in the Lord." (Philippians 4:10

A bar of raw steel may be purchased for a few dollars. But when that bar of steel has been thrust into the fires and processed, when it has been tempered and forged and made into tiny watch springs for expensive watches, it is worth thousands of dollars. Fire and the skilled hands of master artisans made the difference, enhancing the value.

Just as the sun by its heat and light performs a thousand miracles a day in the plant kingdom, God through the refining fire of His Spirit performs a thousand miracles a day in the spiritual realm. His regenerating power can take the dull and ordinary things of our lives - even the burned-out ashes of our past - and forge them into something useful, even beautiful, for His purposes.

(Source: Hope for Each Day - Billy Graham)

Thought for Today:

"I always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity."

- John D. Rockefeller

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