Holistic Education


The holistic education of students at St Paul's is overseen by the Wellbeing Committee. This Committee is chaired by the Executive Director of Faith and Community and includes the Director of Senior School, the Director of Junior School, the Director of St Paul's International School, the two Counsellors, the Head of Middle Schooling (Pastoral), the Chaplain, the Youth Worker, the Head of Sports Development and the Round Square Coordinator. 

Authentic Ministry, which is part of the Wellbeing Committee's brief, includes members of the St Paul’s community being involved in the ministry of Jesus; is based on Scripture (Luke 4: 18 – 19; Matthew 28: 19 – 20); invites people to participate in the Kingdom of God; equips people to live authentically for Christ; engages with the real world; let’s go of the world’s way of getting things done e.g., for payment, self-gratification, for reward, for power, for status; and seeks to win the world through love, compassion, vulnerability, teaching, mercy, giving, service and faith in God.

Thought for the week from Robin Cox

"The Word became flesh and dwelt among us." (John 1:14)

Robert Stevenson, grandfather of the famous Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, was a gifted engineer. In 1872, 100 years after he was born, a celebration was arranged to honour his memory ....

A parade was held displaying many banners. One held high by a farmer bore this simple message: ONE OF US. The common people found great joy in the fact that Stevenson was identified with them.

When the eternal Son of God was born in a lowly stable in Bethlehem, He came as one of us. He came "in the likeness of men." (Philippians 2:7) so that He might live and die in our place.

(Source: Our Daily Bread: Celebrating 50 Years)

Thought for Today:

"A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed."
- Henrik Ibsen

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